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The Hungarian Who Beat Brazil by Paul McLoughlin

The Hungarian Who Beat Brazil

Paul McLoughlin’s new collection displays all the virtues which have won him praise from reviewers of his previous work. In the words of the late Helen Dunmore, McLoughlin’s poetry “has a rare clarity and exactitude,” and Anne-Marie Fyfe has expressed her delight in his “Irish exuberance for the absurd and the askew.” Order from Shoestring Press, price £10.00.

 Paul McLoughlin, born in London of Irish parents, finally retired from even part-time teaching in 2012. He continues to write poems, to write about poetry, and to play jazz saxophones and flute, and he sometimes gets paid for all three (but prefers life really when he doesn’t).

What Certainty is Like (1998) was published by Smith/Doorstop, and What Moves Moves (2004), Forgetting To Come In (2007), The Road to Murreigh (2010), and The Brazilian Who Beat Brazil (2017) by Shoestring Press. Wood & Ink (Shoestring Press, 2013) includes several of his poem-responses to wood cuts by Alan Dixon. He also edited and provided an introduction for Brian Jones: New & Selected Poems (Shoestring Press, 2013). Breaking Ground: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Poems in Old English and in Translation (Paekakariki Press) was published in December 2018.

His poems have appeared in Ambit, Anon, Critical Survey, Cyphers (Ireland), Envoi, The Frogmore Papers, Hard Times (Germany), The Interpreter’s House, London Grip (online), Magma, Navis, Nightingale, Orbis, Other Poetry, Penniless Press, Poetry Ealing, Poetry Life, PN Review, Poetry Nottingham International, Raceme, The Rialto, Seam, Smiths Knoll, and Southward (Ireland)and in the following anthologies:

  • Singing Brink: An Anthology of Poems from Lumb Bank (edited by Maura Dooley & David Hunter, with and introduction by Ted Hughes) (Arvon Press, 1987);
  • Paging Doctor Jazz: A Verse Anthology (compiled & with an introduction by John Lucas) (Shoestring Press, 2004);
  • Warp & Weft: An Anthology of Worple Writing (Worple Press, 2007);
  • Speaking English: Poems for John Lucas (edited by Andy Croft) (Five Leaves Publications, 2007);
  • Kicks against the Pricks (Eyelet Books, 2009);
  • Ten Poems About Bicycles (edited by Jenny Swann) (Candlestick Press, 2009);
  • The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation  (Edited by Greg Delanty & Michael Matto) (Norton, 2010);
  • Reflections on Lake Orta: poems for 10 years of Poetry on the Lake (edited by Gabriel Griffin) (Wyvern Works, 2010);
  • A Brief History of Whistling by John Lucas & Allan Chatburn (Five Leaves Publications, 2013);
  • So Little Time: Words and Images for a World in Climate Crisis (Greg Delanty & Other Poets and Photographers) (Green Writers Press, 2014);
  • A Festschrift for Barry Cole (Shoestring Press, 2015),
  • Fifty Ways to Fly (Edited by Alison Hill) (Rhythm and Muse. 2017)
  • Strike Up the Band: Poems for John Lucas at 80 (edited by Merryn Williams) (Plas Gwyn Books, 2017)

He has variously written articles and/or reviews or conducted interviews for PN Review, Tears in the Fence, Critical Survey, Hard Times (Germany). Agenda, Poetry Ireland Review, Wild Court, London Grip, The Guardian, and The Independent, and in 2015 was awarded a PhD from Royal Holloway University of London for his doctoral thesis on the poetry of Brian Jones (1938-2009).